Fierce Fitness

Get Fierce. Get Fit.

4 Week Sessions 

  Class Days/times TBD   
 1 day per week $45/session 
2 days per week $80/session
3 days per week $120/session

Mix n match what class you choose each week

What You Will Experience;
  • Personalized Training
  •  Strength Conditioning
  • Speed, Power, Agility Training
  •  High Intensity  Intervals
  •  Plyometrics
  • Kick Boxing
  •  Self Defense
  •  Grappling
  • Balance, Flexibility, Stamina
  • Body Awareness
  •  Mental  Toughness
  • Confidence
  • Encouraging Support
  • Camaraderie
  • Satisfaction

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What You Won't Find;
 This class will not be focused on size or weight.
No measurements, BMI or          weigh-ins offered.
No Judgement or Critisism.
No Contact Sparring.

Contact me for more details!