​Girl Power!

     Empowerment           Day Camp for Youth            and Teens

Girls will gain confidence, improve self-esteem and increase body awareness with a fun filled mix of yoga, tumbling,  self defense training and other dynamic movements designed to increase strength and create body positive awareness. They will develop mindfulness 
with activities and crafts that
encourage positive thoughts and
actions as well as respect for themselves and others, while enhancing their
body-spirit connection.

This class is multi-dimensional 
incorporating physical movements, games, activities, and crafts that encourage positive mindset and compassion to self
and each other. 
They learn how to connect their body with their mind enhancing balance and coordination.
A variety of active movements are taught to encourage new ways of using their bodies,
finding new skills and active interests.
Emphasis is placed on the body's ability to move and focus is taken away from size, shape, and physical appearance.
Team building games and activities
encourage connection with others, stepping out of comfort zones, 
being kind and compassionate to themselves and each other.
Daily crafts including 
good thought jars, gratitude journals, and positive affirmation rocks
and more that all
help to get their minds focused on positive self reflection and empowerment for every aspect of their lives.
  1. Monday July 31 to Friday August 4
    Summer Girl Power #1
    Monday through Friday 12:00 to 4:00. Wear athletic clothing as there will be lots of moving! Bring a water bottle and a healthy snack. *Thursday will be Nature Day and we will meet at Pine Nursery Park for the entire day*

    5 day, 20 Hour Camp - $200.00

Host Your Own One day Mini Camp
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 This Camp Can Be Adjusted to Fit Any Time  Frame That is Convenient for Your Group Of  6 or More...Pricing will be Adjusted Accordingly.

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