I Am...

Andrea Newcomb

We all have our Fire and Water, our two sides seeking balance.  Growing up with four older brothers I learned the importance of being tough and brave. I played all the boy’s games and when I fell down I never cried. Yet, even in that toughness I had a gentle and loving spirit and a deep compassion for all living things.  Animals were often my best friends, partly because I could not tolerate the cruelness I witnessed in many of my grade school peers. I was intrigued and saddened by the way some people wielded power over others in unkind ways and I was drawn to protect and stand up for those that were bullied or abused around me. Seeing someone made to feel powerless in the shadow of another always lit something up inside me. As a child, I used to dream about becoming a superhero with special powers and fighting off all the bad guys and bullies of the world. That vision never went away. I have discovered that the powers to be a champion for love and kindness were waiting inside me all along. 

My path of self-discovery and personal growth really turned in the right direction the moment I stepped into Sortor Karate and began the epic journey to Black Belt Mountain. After almost seven years of continuous and dedicated training I pushed past innumerable physical and mental limits to earn my Black Belt in the summer of 2013.  Along the way I found other disciplines that added to my physical prowess. I trained in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting at Smith Martial Arts and spent several years as a cross fit junkie training in Crossfit centers around Bend and competing in the 2014 Central Oregon Crossfit Games. My passion for self defense and personal empowerment also led me to a year long journey to master hand gun skills. I spent over 80 hours learning combat handgun techniques from some of the best professional trainers in the country. As a mother of two high spirited, independent girls, the issue of female empowerment is of utmost importance to me. Being a mother has taught me much about teaching and mentoring others. Of all the skills I have gained over the years, my ability to empower others is my greatest accomplishment.
I have been teaching, training, and mentoring students from pre-school to adult since 2009. It has been a joy and a continual learning experience. In 2009 I developed the Little Warriors (age 3-4) Karate program at Sortor Karate, and taught all the Little Warriors classes until December 2018 when I relocated to Boulder Coloradao. I have ran various camps and workshops for youth and adults all centered around empowerment and self awareness.

A strong, well trained body and a clear mind give me a great foundation to share with students of all kinds. The physical and the mindful, fire and water, are two aspects of the same whole. I strive to blend them in my life and my teaching. Over the years I have come to realize that life is a great adventure and every day is full of victories both big and small. I am always striving to protect people from whatever it is in the shadows that holds power over them. I realize that there is no better protection from the darkness than finding the confidence to unleash your own strengths. We all have the ability to be superheroes for ourselves and for those around us. Sometimes we just need a little help igniting our potential...

My Qualifications;

* Certified Group Personal Training Specialist

* Reiki Level 3 Certified
* Darkness to Light certified
* CDC Heads Up Concussion treatment/prevention certified
* 50 hours Saving Grace domestic violence & hospital response trained
*KIDS Center “Let’s Talk About It” trained
*Suicide Prevention training 
* CPR/First Aid Certified
*80 Hours Professional Handgun Training

Associate's Degree

Focus in Health and Wellness Coaching/Psychology 
Relevant classes include:
Positive Psychology, Child Development, Mind and Brain, Interpersonal Communication, Health Psychology, Holistic Wellness, Advanced Listening Skills, Wellness Coaching Fundamentals, General Psychology, Stress Management, Public Speaking