Individual & Partner          Training

Continual training offers more in depth focus on details & greater depth of skills...

  • Gain skills to defend against attacks
  • How and where to strike an attacker
  • Learn how to escape grabs and chokes 
  • Learn how to fall & roll safely
  • Sharpen instincts to avoid negative interactions
  • Find your voice & learn how to use it to your     advantage 
  • Develop situational awareness

Take your training to the next level...

Individual and partner training is for everyone who's already completed a workshop & is ready to gain more skills, deepen confidence & take your training to the next level with ongoing lessons. Each lesson will include review of previously taught materials as well as new skill development, deeper understanding of mindset & enhancement of protective intuition.
This model is also ideal for anyone who does not enjoy a group setting and would prefer to train one on one or with a partner. No previous experience required.

Individual & Partner Lessons:
$45 per Hour for One Person
$50 per Hour for Two People
**Pay for 3 Lessons in advance and save $5 per lesson**

 *All Packages Include FREE 30 min consultation & tour*

3 Month Tapered Training Package:
1 lesson each week for 1st 6 weeks, then every other week for last 6 weeks. Total of 9 lessons.
  $350 (Total Savings of $55) $400 for Two

3 Month Continuous Training Package:            
Warrior Status = 1   lesson  every other week. Total of 6 
  $230 (Total Savings of $40) $260 for Two

Ultimate Warrior Status = 1 lesson each week. Total of 12    
   $475 (Total Savings of $65) $530 for Two

6 Month Tapered Training Package:
1 lesson each week first 2 months, 1 lesson every other week 3rd & 4th month, 1 lesson each month for 5th & 6th month. Total of 14 
  $550 (Total Savings of $80)  $625 for Two
6 Month Continuous Training Package:
BeastMode Status = 1 lesson every other week. Total of 12
   $470 (Total Savaings of $70)  $525 for Two

FemmeFatale Status = 1 lesson every week. Total of 24
   $950 (Total Savings $130)  $1050 for Two

*payment options can be arranged*

If cost is an issue contact me for details about sliding scale option, trade.

Reach me here...