Little Warriors

        Mindful Movements 
              for ages 3-6

* Confidance * Self-Control *
* Agility *  Body Awareness *
*Group Participation *
* Listening *
​* Strength* Fitness *

Mindful Movements

Develop self esteem, build confidence,

gain body awareness & strengthen neural pathways 
This program is for potty trained kids/toddlers aged 3/4 and 5/6 .Each class helps to develop life skills such as forming lines, left vs. right, following verbal instructions, taking turns, respect for others and self-control, and mindful awareness of self.

all in a safe, friendly, fun environment.
The classes utilize movement based games, short drills, and obstacle courses to develop agility and self-confidence. Children are incouraged to try new things and step outside their comfort zones while always keeping safety as a top priority. Students will gain strength, balance, and coordination in every class. This program is a great foundation to help children achieve greater success and confidence in  all other sports and physical activities that they become exposed to as they age

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** No Refunds, however tuition can be transfered to later sessions