Energy Healing 

A Japanese technique used to promote healing, stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki utilizes the unseen life force energy, or subtle electrical current, that flows through all living beings. If a persons energy current becomes stagnant or blocked a person will sometimes feel weak, sluggish or frequently tired. Illness, injury and cronic pain are likely to occur. When the energy current is strong and flowing freely a person is more able to be healthy, happy and full of vitality.

Reiki  is comprised of two Japanese words. Rei which translates to "Higher Power or God Wisdom" and Ki which translates as "Life force energy." The practice of Reiki is the spiritul guidence of life force enegry.

Mind Body and Spirit 

Special Introductory Rate
      1 hour session $35 

A Reiki energy healing sessioncan be done in person or from a distance. A typical session lasts one hour with a few moments at the beginning to get intentions set and  the end of the session to reacclimate and be fully grounded in the present.