Self Defense &  Empowerment
Learn skills to defend against attacks, discourage unwanted encounters, find your voice and use it to your advantage in all aspects of your life. Become aware of your surroundings and learn how to use your intuition to help keep you safe.
 Gain confidence and find your inner power!
Workshops are scheduled throughout the year in a variety of formats. Scheduling is also available for private groups.
 3 hour & 4 hour workshop options or 1 or 2 hour multi day sessions available.
We can work together to create the ideal experience for your group.   
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      Self Defense

       Self Defense

Empowerment Focused

       3 Hour Workshop

3 Hour Workshop

     3 Hour Workshop 

You will learn basic SD skills, but we will focus more on mindfulness, situational awareness, effective use of your voice in confrontations, devolping self appreciation, and finding your inner power and strength of character. 
This class will go beyond basic self defense skills listed in SD heading, by adding fun interactive activities that promote mindfulness, self acceptance and confidence. These skills will enhance all aspects of your life and keep you safe.
This class will consist of a variety of basic self defense skills including how to strike, block, evade and escape from grabs and chokes, as well as to use your voice to your advantage.

        4 Hour Workshop

          4 Hour Workshop

  4 Hour Workshop

This class will cover basics from 3 hour workshop and delve into deeper skills like falling safely, taking an attacker to the ground, and joint submissions and chokes.
This class offers an extended hybrid of self defense and mindful exercises to enhance your sense of self and ability to handle a variety of life challenges with a positive and confident mind set.
This class is focused primarily on self confidence and inner strength. All aspects of 3 hour workshop with more in depth training and activities to help you connect to your power.
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schedule here
schedule here

More offerings... 

Mother-Daughter Empowerment

​​     Continual  Private Training

Individual & Two Person Lessons

This is a hybrid class mixing basic self defense skills of striking and escapes with empowerment and team building activities. It will help you develop a greater connection with yourself as well as each other . 
Want to take your training to the next level? Several training packages are available with both long and short-term options.
If group classes are not ideal for you, then one-on-one sessions or training with your best buddy may be just what you want. Multiple training package options available.
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*3 hour - $40 per person   * 4 hour - $50 per person
Host a group of 6 or more people and your spot is free!! 

 Non-profit groups recieve 20% off  

If cost is prohibitive, special funding is available.
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