Young Heroes!

An Action Packed Day Camp to Bring out the Hero in your child!

August 28 - September 1
Monday - Friday
12:00 - 3:00

Ages 7 - 12
*Age 6 with Older Sibling in Attendence*

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What Does it Mean to Be a Hero?
What to Expect:
Each day is full of lessons, activies, games and crafts all centered around superheroes and what it means to be a hero for yourself and for others.

Discussion Themes Include:
*Bully Prevention* Confidence Building* *Random Acts of Kindness*
*What it Means To Be a Hero*
*How to Brave and Scared at the Same Time*

Kids face all kinds of challenges. This camp is all about empowering our youth to overcome their own obstacles and help others around them do the same.
Superhero Skills Taught Include:
*Self Defense Skills*
*Agility Obstacle Courses* Parkour Training*
*Tumbling & Falling Safely*
*Superhero Mindfullness*

 Superhero Crafts Include:
*Hero Cape with Personalized Monogram*
*Superhero Picture frame* with *Photo of Child* in Superhero Pose
*Power Rocks* Courage Jar*
*Hero Power Bracelet*